During our community explorations through 2008 it became clear to us how important food is, not only in building community, but as a fundamental aspect of a healthy, sustainable society.  A number of documentaries have been produced in recent years illuminating the dire state and consequences of the national (and international) food system.

The most recent, which we saw the C’ville’s indie theater, Vinegar Hill, is Food Inc. It is incredibly well done and does the most thorough deconstruction of food-related issues, and you’d be amazed how many issues are food related.  Unfortunately (for you C’ville folx) t just stopped it’s run at Vinegar Hill, but we highly recommend creating an opportunity to see this film, and share it with others.

Other documentarys on the topic that are worth seeing are:

  • Fresh (this one touches more on alternatives to the mainstream food system)
  • King Corn (this one is brilliant in it’s objective, down-home approach)
  • The World According to Monsanto (Monsanto is a huge problem in the world today; while this film sensationalizes things a bit it’s still vitally important that we know what this multi-national corp. is doing to the world)

~ by skybluestar on August 17, 2009.

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