January Flurries!

We landed here at Woodfolk House (a 9 person collective house in Charlottesville) at the end of December. By mid-January, we began launching a series of fun and educational community building events here at the house. Its been a very satisfying whirlwind of activity! Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to….

We kicked off the first monthly Radical Movie Night here at Woodfolk House with an evening of bike films–about 20 folks came by to watch a series of short documentaries about bike actions and activism all over the world. Inspiring discussion followed, jazzing folks for the upcoming bike events here in town: critical mass, a bike zine, and a temporary street closure/festival….

Movie Night #3:  The Pete Seegar Documentary flowed into a sing-a-long hootenanny!

Movie Night #3: The Pete Seegar Documentary flowed into a sing-a-long hootenanny!

We also had our first Garden Work Party last month; 4 Twin Oakers came out to help dig out beds in our ever expanding garden: a big job, since we are double-digging the whole garden. January also saw the kick-off a monthly Charlottesville Community Potluck; about 30 people came over to share food and community inspiration. It was amazing to have Woodfolk founders and Alum, Acorn alum and former Twin Oakers all mingling together! Next month’s potluck will be Wednesday March 4th at Flame’s house.

We also debuted our Euro-Commune Slide Show n’ Tell 2 nights in a row here at the house. The first night as a dry run for our house-mates and a handful of other folks. Between the 2 nights, we shared our stories with about 30 people. This month, we’ll be sharing it with CHUVA (collective housing at the university of Virginia), Twin Oaks, Acorn, and Shannon Farm. Drop us a line if you’d like to schedule a showing near you!

Other than hosting folks for events here at Woodfolk, we’ve been charging ahead on our two major projects: New Urban Commune and Patchwork Farms. The Urban Commune Design Council has been working on creating a vision and starting to scout out properties. Patchwork Farms is a project that will focus on growing food in people’s yards, and then selling it at affordable prices at a farmer’s stand right in the neighborhood. Our nascent collective of 5 people has been investigating collective businesses models and working out a vision. We’re planning on doing a small-scale run this summer. Word is spreading fast! Soon we’ll begin fund-raising.

Its been an amazing month packed with many awesome and inspiring opportunities! I feel very grateful to have the opportunity to share my skills and talents in this way, and also very grateful for all the support and encouragement that we continue to receive.


~ by karmakas on February 10, 2009.

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