Our mission

We set out to transform ourselves, our community and the world by embodying, creating, and spreading models for sustainable urban community.  To this end, we are helping facilitate the expansion of social and economic structures based on cooperation, sustainability, and justice.

1. Places for living and working together:

We are working to create a collective living situation with a horizontal power structure that is economically secure, ecologically sustainable and socially satisfying. We will start with one or two cooperative houses and expand from there. This community will allow for varying degrees of social and economic involvement, while maintaining enough collectivity to foster culture creation and resource sharing. This community will also serve as a hub for organizing at the neighborhood and city levels, and will provide organizing and meeting space for activism, arts, and culture. It will support the creation of businesses, organizations, and both formal and informal resource-sharing systems. We also plan to incorporate the cutting-edge of low-tech alternative energy, natural building, and appropriate technology.

2. Fostering the emergence of a new economy:

Our goal is to help secure basic needs such as food, water, shelter and health care for ourselves, our neighbors and our community. We will help facilitate the creation of businesses, organizations, and networks that are based on local production, sustainable and regionally available resources and mutually supportive relationships.  We will also help create and support alternative economic systems such as labor-exchange, barter, local currency and mutual credit systems.

3. Movement-building:

The Charlottesville region is home to a strong social network of progressive individuals and organizations. We will work to further strengthen these networks in order to build new economic networks and strengthen those already existing. Our role in this has several parts:

  • Give presentations on communities and other organizations around the US and in Europe
  • Organize social gatherings that incorporate networking with cultural activities
  • Offer sharing circles where people can speak about their feeling about what’s happening to the world around them
  • Catalyze the informal sharing of ideas and contacts among people we know and meet in the area
  • Train local groups in consensus and facilitation skills and cooperative organizational development

The efforts in these areas, more than the others, are likely to evolve over time as we get to know the Charlottesville community better and discover what’s already happening and what people are excited about.


~ by skybluestar on January 25, 2009.

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